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All Prices Include VAT, Exclude delivery or Installation. Subject to Availability

Basic Small Units


Atlas Battery Ignite Units

6Lt/min        R1,425                  

8Lt/min        R1,825               

10Lt/min      R2,200

12Lt/min      R2,800

16Lt/min      R3,250

High Demand Units


All prices include VAT, Exclude delivery or installation, subject to change without notice

Atlas 20Lt/min     R10,830  Includes Control Panel

Atlas 28Lt/min     R12,200  Includes Control Panel

VEC Power Units

Control Panel            R1,500

24lt/min                   R13,000

30lt/min                   R15,000  

Rinnai Units

Control Panel         TBC

20Lt/min               TBC

26Lt/min               TBC

24 or 32 Lt/min      Price available on Request

Prices subject to change without notice

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